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The shop was founded in the late 1960s, and Tom Goodliffe (who has run the business since 1987) and the team at Cheam Sports keep alive the tradition of the High Street sports shop. Do not expect an impersonal warehouse of stock piled high with equally impersonal staff. Do expect great advice and engaging service and the knowledge that, regardless of your sport or budget, you have purchased what is best for your game, your abilities and your goals.


Whatever your ability we carry a wide selection, with just what you need

Cheam Sports is committed to providing the best quality sports equipment for all your sports and fitness needs. Our bestsellers include Running Shoes, Tennis, Squash and Badminton Rackets, Rugby, Hockey and Cricket Equipment and Clothing. 

We also stock equipment for all the mainstream sports including Athletics, Boxing, Darts, Football, Keep Fit, Netball, Rounders, Softball and Baseball, Snooker and Pool, Swimming and Table Tennis. 

Additionally we have accessories for Archery, Basketball, Bowls, Cross Country Running, Cycling, Martial Arts, Outdoor Walking, Pilates and Yoga, Training and Volleyball.

Come into our store for a better idea of stock, sizes and styles available. We're also always happy to order items as required.

 Running

At Cheam Sports, we understand that not all Running Shoes are built the same; we also realise this can be a really personal decision. Getting the right fit and feel and avoiding injury is critical. All models are designed with different functions in mind, so let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll guide you in the right direction. We have the expertise to recognise your running gait and can guide you accordingly. Bring in your old shoes and we can learn from the wear pattern!


Whether you’re looking for a bat crafted locally using the finest English willow that’s fit for the Oval, or even just the village green, we can help. We stock Clothing, Bats, Pads, Gloves, Wicket Keeping Equipment, Helmets, Personal Protection Goods. Call in and have a chat with Tom who will knock you for 6 with the latest in cricketing technology. Cucumber sandwiches optional!


We pride ourselves on our experience in Tennis rackets. With so many brands and styles to choose from, it can be daunting for those being introduced to the sport. Tom and his staff are available to assist and answer your questions. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, heavy topspinner or flat hitter, left or right handed - make sure you have a chat with Tom and the team and get the tennis racket that suits you! 

 Hockey

When you enter Cheam Sports shop you will notice immediately the great range of hockey sticks we stock. From sticks for young children up to adult sizes and even for those who require extra long hockey sticks we have them! Tom used to play London League Hockey so at Cheam Sports we have over 40 years of expert knowledge and can give advice on shoes, shinpads, gloves and selecting the right hockey stick for you.

 Squash

Highly competitive and great fun, squash is the sport for young and old alike nowadays. Here at Cheam Sports, we have a large selection for you to choose from. Tom has played Surrey Cup Squash for over 20 years, so is ideally placed to discuss your current game and budget. Tom and the team will guide you to your perfect choice of racket and squash shoes for your game.

 Football

Peter Houseman, who played over 300 games for Chelsea in the 1960s and '70s, and who scored 8 goals in Chelsea's successful FA Cup campaign in 1970, founded Cheam Sports in the '60s. Continuing that heritage, to this day we still supply football kits, boots and training equipment to players of all abilities. With strong links to the local footballing community, feel free to talk to Tom and his team about your current game for the best impartial advice.


Here at Cheam Sports you will have access to purchasing some of the best quality rugby equipment. We stock premium quality body armour, head guards, gum-shields, balls and more from leading brands such as Canterbury, Optimum, Webb Ellis & Gilbert. We also have a range of rugby boots available in store for players of all ages and abilities.


Fantastic for fitness, 'the noble art of self-defence' has never been more popular. Whether you’re looking to just keep fit with Boxercise, or go toe to toe in the ring, we have many years experience in advising and supplying the right gloves and training equipment for your weight and ability. Stop by our shop and Tom or a store representative will be more than happy to assist you.

For the Gym

At Cheam Sports, we understand that no two people are looking for the same thing from their gym. Muscle growth, cardiovascular or just looking to control your weight, we can guide you in the right direction in home equipment and clothing that will support your training goals. In store we have a wide selection of hand weights, gloves, grips, rollers and mats for use at home.

Snooker & Pool

Whether you’re looking for a cue crafted with the best materials that’s fit for pros, or you need the sturdy kind you can take anywhere, we have a large selection of cues, cases and accessories for you to choose from. Call in and a store representative will be more than happy to assist you. We're happy to order specific cues, and you can contact us online with any questions.


With a dartboard set up in store, and numerous darts and accessories available, Cheam Sports is now one of the few places locally where you can get a real feel for your darts, shafts and flights. Simple brass darts, mid-range nickel-steel darts, right up to the finest championship quality tungsten darts. All are available at Cheam Sports, together with pub or championship quality bristle boards.


At Cheam Sports we stock rackets for beginner and advanced players alike. Ultra-lightweight rackets that are thinner, stronger and more stable can enhance your swing-speed and power, improving your game. We specialise particularly in the Yonex range, so come into the shop and Tom and the team can guide you through the several 'families' and qualities of rackets available.


At Cheam Sports, we have a comprehensive range of goggles, hats, training equipment and accessories for both the leisure swimmer and the more dedicated club member. We stock floats, pull buoys, pool games and buoyancy aids, training fins and a wide range of swimwear. We can even provide goggles with personalised prescription lenses for various diopter values.


Cheam Sports is happy to boast a truly impressive brand selection in athletic equipment and sportswear.




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Conveniently located on Cheam Broadway,

just a stone's throw from Cheam Railway Station (Victoria 30 minutes).


Bus Routes through Cheam Village: X26 Heathrow to Croydon,

213 Kingston to Sutton, 151 Worcester Park to Wallington

and 470 (Hopper) Epsom to Colliers Wood.

Please call in and see how we can help.


Some free on-street parking (30 minute or 1 hour bays) outside the shop.


Over 80 spaces available in each of Kingsway Road Car Park, SM3 8SL and

Cheam Library Car Park, SM3 8QB. Both are less than 5 minutes walk away.

9 The Broadway, Cheam, Sutton, Surrey SM3 8BH

020 8643 8811


020 8643 8811

9 The Broadway, Cheam, Surrey SM3 8BH

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